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Adfly vs Adfocus|Which pays Highest?

If you are looking for answer to the question which is best between adfocus and adfly then you are at right place.Actually i have done all the research regarding this and working with both of them for months,so i know what is about them and i am going to tell you all that in this post.

First of all for newbies,i want to explain what are adfly and adfocus,remaining people may skip this paragraph. They both are link sharing companies which pays you when you share a url shrinked with them on various social media like Facebook,twitter and google plus.People may also use them at other places too.You will be paid  on the basis of number of people   clicks your link and watches advertisement for 5-6 seconds.Earning also depends on other factors too,but we are not going into deep,concerning the main issue.

See,the simple and straight answer to this query is "Adfocus".Adfocus has paid me even more than double than adfly.Today,where my earning from adfly is $1.21 the earning from adfoc.us is $5.11.And one other important thing i want to mention here is that,i started using adfly two years back,i.e,in 2011 but i have started using adfocus 2-3 months back.So you can imagine the actual difference which could be.

Here i am going to show you proof which i have said earlier.This is my current earning from adfly,showing some statistics

And this picture shows the proof of my earning from adfocus

Another important thing which came in my recently that some intelligent people may crticise me by saying that adfly views are just 2419 but adfocus views are 7865 so definitely earning will be different.Now here we need to apply little maths rule of cross multiplication.That is if for 2419 views $1.21 is there then what would be for 7865 views? Here you need to check by multiplying 7865 by 1.21 and divide the figure by 2419,to calculate the earning from same no. of views with adfly.and the answer is $3.93 but adfocus is giving $5.11,which is 30% more.

If you want to check the payment rates of both companies for different countries,click here for adfocus rates and here for adfly rates,and compare.But the tale does not end here.For some people payment is not main thing.Whatever i explained till now was related to payments.Now i will explain some ither tings about them

I have heard everywhere all negative about adfocus that it red flags accounts of people if it reaches higher amount.They do not respond to queries of people and support system is bad.Sometimes i personally experienced that it's script automatically stops working on blog.But i never ever faced any such issue with adfly.Its everything is good.

As i have not reached to payout amount which is $10 for adfocus and $5 for adfly,i cannot say that anyone of them is scam.But after reading reviews of people in various forums i can draw out conclusion that adfly definitely pays to it's members but adfocus sometimes red flags account when it reaches to high amount.Here a good strategy can be applied,that is to withdraw the amount as soon as it reaches payout.

If you want to join them,here is the link to both

So this was all about "Adfly vs Adfocus|Which pays Highest?".If you liked it kindly support us by giving like and sharing this on various sites by using sharing option given below.Enjoy.
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